A 15-year-old tells her story as a sex slave of the late Moammar Qaddafi, in the recently published book “Gaddafi’s harem: the story of a young woman and the abuse of power in Libya,” by French author Annick Cojean, the Daily Mail reported Sunday.

Identified only as Soraya, she describes the moment at which former British Prime Minister Tony Blair greeted her after he left a meeting with Qaddafi.

According to her, she was standing outside a tent in Tripoli when Blair walked out, smiled at her and others, and said: “Hi girls.”

She added that he was oblivious to the fact that she and the other girls would later be raped in the rooms where he had met with Qaddafi.
The book includes a description of how Soraya was taken from her parents and forcefully prepared to meet the demands of Qaddafi’s sexual orders.

She also described how wives of notable men would go to his tent, and leave later with their “lipstick smudged and their hair undone.”
Soraya described a “jaunty” Blair emerge from the tent. An extract of the book published in the New York Post says he was “clueless as to the atrocities under his nose.”

The book does not indicate the date of the meeting, but Blair’s first visit to Libya to meet with Qaddafi was in 2004, the same year that Soraya was chosen to become a member of Qaddafi’s harem.