الأربعاء، 23 مايو 2012

Are the elections enough to get rid of Gaddafi nightmare?

The results of  Benghazi Council election  yesterday, confirmed what analysts believe, that the vote will be based on tribal, not of a truly democratic, that means, most Libyans would vote for their relatives from the same tribe.
Social structure in Libya is based on the tribe, and Gaddafi worked very hard during his rule to make this structure more complicated,  he thought  that’s the only way to ensure the loyalty of all those tribes.
Paste on that, during the revolution, Gaddafi  have used  that to manage a conflicts between part of Libyans, and the result was many dead, wounded and raped.
  Gaddafi went, leaving behind him a legacy of hatred and a black scars which will not heal easily in the presence of the tribes that led by strict mentality.
We are proud of the large number of voters, but that's not enough, because with the lack of democratic awareness, pride could turn into a nightmare.