الاثنين، 28 مايو 2012

Plans As Libyan Regime Collapsed(Bahamas Tribune)

According to bodyguards for Gaddafi’s third son, Al-Saadi, The Bahamas was shortlisted for the former football player's exile as rebels fought to bring an end to his father’s four-decade-long rule.
In an interview with ABC Lateline, private security contractor Gary Peters said: “The Bahamas was approached, and Trinidad was approached, and the last one was Mexico.
Those ones didn’t work from our end because we couldn't obtain legal documents for travel, entry into those countries. That's why they didn't go through.

السبت، 26 مايو 2012


illegal immigrants

Libyan marina's security service, coast save about 90  after their boat crash

Senussi held in a luxury villa

Senussi, a linchpin of Muammar Gaddafi's regime, held in a luxury villa for 45 days under anti-terrorist laws, Gaddafi's spy chief and brother-in-law was charged this week with entering the country on falsified documents, a crime that carries a maximum jail term of three years. The watered-down charges for a man wanted by Libya and the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, and in France for a mass murder that killed 170, came as little surprise.
"Normally, if you hold someone for 45 days, you have a serious crime to charge them with," a senior army official told the Guardian. "Senussi has protectors in high places here."
That shows in his preferential treatment at the Dar Naim prison, where he is now awaiting a trial date. Two cells have been equipped with "every convenience – a television and comfortable bed" for the high-profile detainee in a prison activists say "was designed to inflict maximum suffering and humiliation on its prisoners".



الآلم عمري
والوهم في يدي
النور حولي
لكن مش في عيني
لحوح الصبر
طالب القرب مني
ارفض بشدة
شن باقي في سنيني
ولو من
بضاعة مكسدة بيشريها

الجمعة، 25 مايو 2012

"special values"

Abdurrahim El-Keib Libya's prime minister on Friday placed the wreath of white roses and carnations at the spot where a London policewoman was killed by gunfire from the Libyan Embassy in 1984.
El-Keib said ''the Fletcher case is a case that is close to my heart personally," and has pledged that his country would work closely with the British government in a renewed investigation of the killing.
El-Keib used a speech at the Chatham House research institute to say that life inside Libya had changed since the Gadhafi era with the advent of a free press, respect for human rights, and transparency in government.
He said these are the "special values" that led to the successful revolt against Gadhafi.
Under the dictator, he said, Libyans felt like aliens in their own country and lived in fear of security forces and secret police.
Unfortunately, El-keib our prime minister who did not put a rose on the grave of one hero of the revolution , seems  dose not know that in Libya there are no human rights ,so far Prisoners abused, and the government is not transparent.

الخميس، 24 مايو 2012

The easier part

In term  of the election timetable, the main concern focused on security issues, kind of weapons smuggle, militias are clashing with each other, Almost every member of Libyan society is armed and in Libya  is almost no household without a machine gun and so far NTC unable to control it , or do not want.
And there is another risk too, Libya is now earning over $2 billion a month from selling crude oil, millions and possibly billions of dollars in the middle of the transition in, could be misappropriated.
Corruption is a cultural issue that is prevailing among certain people said.
It seems that the revolution is  the easier part.!!!

Shokri Ghanem and abuse of power

Interpol issued an international request to arrest Shokri Ghanem  ex-oil minister in Libya  for "fraud of public money...causing intentional damage to public money… interfering in incomes ... making illegal gains and abuse of power."
That is  happend 4 days before his body was found in the River Danube in Vienna.

الأربعاء، 23 مايو 2012

Are the elections enough to get rid of Gaddafi nightmare?

The results of  Benghazi Council election  yesterday, confirmed what analysts believe, that the vote will be based on tribal, not of a truly democratic, that means, most Libyans would vote for their relatives from the same tribe.
Social structure in Libya is based on the tribe, and Gaddafi worked very hard during his rule to make this structure more complicated,  he thought  that’s the only way to ensure the loyalty of all those tribes.
Paste on that, during the revolution, Gaddafi  have used  that to manage a conflicts between part of Libyans, and the result was many dead, wounded and raped.
  Gaddafi went, leaving behind him a legacy of hatred and a black scars which will not heal easily in the presence of the tribes that led by strict mentality.
We are proud of the large number of voters, but that's not enough, because with the lack of democratic awareness, pride could turn into a nightmare.

الأحد، 20 مايو 2012

Abdel Baset al-Megrahi The accused innocent

"I am an innocent man," al-Megrahi said in his last interview and insisted that for the last days of his life
According to a sourceWas a colleague of him,Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was an employee at the Department of Operations at the Tripoli International Airport . He was a peaceful man and a coward not strong enough to hurt a fly, and then became director of the station, when Ashour Amqik  was a director of the airport at that time by eighties.
Megrahi had a weak personality, and any employee can scare and insulting him.
According to this source when they saw him on tv as defendants behind bars, they shocked  and  found it hard to believ ebecuase this man, who they knew, can not perform such heinous crime.What is the truth and whether he died Megrahi is innocent or a murderer

Love you Benghazi

Benghazi, the cradle of the revolution, as announced to the world that Libya is above all,  she prove today that we are a people who belong  to democracy.
that is Benghazi, it is not possible to expect less than that.

الأربعاء، 9 مايو 2012

Thank you in advance

To all the men who joined to the Libyan women on a journey of struggle in order to get their rights, I say:
That means a lot to us.
For those who have not joined yet ; for your dignity, the dignity of your mothers, sisters, daughters,
petite,wives, because for our revolution, which has only to lift the injustice and  for justice, the revolt of the people comprising men and women, for that only do not miss the honor of joining us to support the women in the Parliament to participate in the drafting of the Constitution of Libya.
Thank you in advance

Which history is he talking about

 Abdel Hakim Belhadj:

‘Libyans know my history’


الثلاثاء، 8 مايو 2012

Please stop that

 Since Russia had signed a decree to ban the arms supplies to Libya, which was in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1970, had lost a total of $4 billion over the cancellation of contracts with Libya.
 And will resume talks with Libyan authorities as soon as the embargo is lifted.
I appeal to the United Nations and civil society organizations do not allow that happen, at least not before establishing a law in   Libya to regulate this trade between the citizens.

الاثنين، 7 مايو 2012

Thank you Sarkozy

After the historic speech of Abdul Jalil on the Liberation Day announcement of Libya , A french friend  told me that the impact of that speech was negative on the popularity of Sarkozy, And the French people began to makes sure that his support for the February Revolution was a mistake and it seemed clear from Abdul Jalil speech that Libya will become the Islamism State  and the future is not very different from Afghanistan.
   I remember this today when I so Sarkozy's loss in the elections, After failing to convince the right-wing that he can find out  most important issues as a national identity, Islam, immigration and security.
As we will remember always the historical position of Sarkozy with Libya,  And March 19, 2011 will stuck in our minds.
Sarkozy has described the election result that is democratic republican choice , he respect this choice as he did when the Libyans choose  the freedom, Yes he did and it was a brave choice.
Thank you Sarkozy, and good luck to Holland.

الأحد، 6 مايو 2012

Elections are not only right but also a duty

I hope all the Libyans to go out for upcoming elections and cast their ballots in a free and democratic, and choose people who are efficiency,  and do not affected by this direction or that Valoutnah and efficiency is always required .
therefore must not look back, but should look forward to a new experience, which will correct the experiment ago. and when we put our voices in ballot boxes must be free and far away from all the effects, because our voice will determine the type of the next government  which will be a real power in the next phase .
because of that , Libyan must voter to choose candidates carefully.

السبت، 5 مايو 2012

Abdul Jalil Mustafa tricks

Mustafa Abdul Jalil the head of NTC, lying in the hospital today and the news says that he is suffering from health problems in his heart because of stress of work.
Through our experience with Abdul Jalil over a year ago, I do not rule out that this is one of his tricks,  especially the elections is very soon.
Not surprised that happened, because this shy man and ascetic and piety, who announced that he will resign immediately after liberation of libya,No longer exists., he was only a guest and left.

الأربعاء، 2 مايو 2012

The first Tamazight news bulletin

Today we celebrate in libya alahrar TV the first anniversary of the launch of the first Tamazight news bulletin of the history of Libyan afyer more then 42 yearstried Gaddafi to blur the Amazigh identity as a part of  libya.

الثلاثاء، 1 مايو 2012


 Mayadin newspaper published  today the first chapter of the novel (Azatsi) for Mojahed  Albusaifi   about the failed attempt of reform  that had been leded by Gaddafi in the eighties in Libya.
Azatsi is a name of  the camp where  the writer spent  the political asylum in the Netherlands after he left Libya at the mid-nineties, and this is his first book. 
 The book also tells the stories wich first time to publish about Gaddafi and his regime, and it will be very soon in the market.